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Celebrate the season of love

The season of love has arrived at our doorsteps. It's valentine’s week and people are engaging in all sorts of romantic stuff. Stuffed toys are adorning the shelves. The ladies and gentlemen are looking forward to it and all things cute are available online too.

To celebrate with that special one with whom you wish to spend your life is awesome. Soaked in this spirit of love, Malabar Gold and Diamonds has incepted the Gul collection. The collection is inspired by the word Gul, the Persian word for rose. With its eccentric arrangement of petals and possessing the colour of passion i.e., red, rose is a magnificent gesture of affection for the one who resides in your heart.

Spirit of the collection

The gold jewellery is available in various exotic designs. Taking a step further, we have designed the jewels using three different hues of gold – the regular golden glow, rose gold, and white gold. The variety does not end here. These jewels are available as earrings, a cute gesture of affection, rings, that can turn a proposal into a relationship, or pendants that are a testament of timeless love.

With curvature as its motto, the minimalistic design with a curved setting is meant for simple yet stylish women. In such jewels, at the lateral end of all three – the ring, the earrings, and the pendant, embedded with a rose gold hue is a beautiful rose.

Some women are unique in their own sense. The unique design we feature in the Gul collection is an ode to them. A beautiful rose made from rose gold has a stem made out of white gold with simple gold surrounding them in a leaf-like fashion.

The sophisticated women have a taste quite different from the ladies mentioned above. Considering their love for the Avante-Garde, the complex design has been included in the Gul jewellery collection. With a suave rose at the distal end forged in rose gold and sparkling diamonds at the base, the design speaks of luxury at the very first sight. Two contours made with white and regular gold intermingle with each other in a cute couple-like fashion.

How is it symbolic of your love?

All women love to feel special and valentine’s day is one such occasion. Shower her with these lovely jewels and your lady love shall cherish these moments years later. The excitement of loving a person and being loved back is a joyous one, but much before that, loving your own self is important. The single ladies who wish to indulge in self-love can do so with these lovely jewels.

Why Malabar Gold and Diamonds?

When it comes to authenticity and trust, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the talk of the town. All the items in our gold jewellery collections have a BIS 916 hallmark certification, a guarantee of purity. The diamonds are IGI-GIA certified after going through 28 internal quality tests. Over 1 million satisfied customers are the testimony of our goodwill. More than 1 lakh returning and regular customers speak of our legacy in the industry. With an incredible range at the click of a button along with doorstep delivery, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the go-to place for all your bejewelled moments.

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