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Let the old be gone, be put to an end like the ashes of a fire and give way to new beginnings. Turning the pages of the book of life. Unfolding new chapters. Witness the genesis of a new being, one with a higher sense of purpose, one with new-founded wisdom that speaks for itself. The pride and glory of the new version of one’s self. Inspired by this spirit of reincarnation, Malabar Gold & Diamonds has created - The Evolve collection.

With curved designs being the primary inspiration for the newfangled gold jewellery with absolutely smooth finishes, it is highly likely that you will fall in love with one at the first sight.

Each piece of gold jewellery is carved from gold with CZ stone embeddings which not only add to your charming personality, but are easy on your pocket too. The stone embeddings are exquisitely arranged one by one in groups similar to those found in diamond jewellery. These groups are then arranged in wavy patterns which are carefully placed in the middle or on the sides in semi-circular or leaf-like shapes. These shapes may be adjacent or parallel to each other, with a mix of alternately coloured stones or a garland of single-coloured stones placed next to each other. The careful crafting of the gold has been done in a mesh-like form underneath and besides the patterns of stones. The collection has three different adornments – as rings, pendants and earrings.

The rings are composed of a gold mesh with the cz stone carvings attached between the wearing area (on the finger) or over it. The smooth finish makes them slide right over your finger which makes them an easy fit.

The pendants are available in flat, round shapes with circular and semicircular occupations of stone embeddings over the mesh composed of gold.

Each pair of beautiful earrings is forged in a manner similar to the rings and pendants, i.e., embeddings over gold mesh. The screw-backs fit elegantly over the earlobes and shine from ear to ear.

Whatever the design maybe, it has been forged with the single-minded approach of making you look stunning at all times, whether it is a casual event, a social affair or a formal occasion. So, do you find yourself avant-garde at every appearance you make? If so, do find these jewellery pieces, that may match not just your ensemble, but your charming personality as well, only in the Evolve collection by Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

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