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Platinum Earring for Women

Platinum earrings for the gorgeous women in you

Now a days, Jewellery has become one of the essential product and symbol of status in everyone’s life. In general gold, silver and now platinum are the metals popularly used to make ornaments as these metals are durable, anti-corrosive, hypo-allergenic and precious. Women like to wear ornaments and hence they are the main targets of jewellery manufacturers. In this jewellery world, earrings for women deserve the first place in beautifying a woman to bestow either a simple or a grand look. Women who are passionate to wear lightweight but valuable ones can opt for platinum earring. It is valuable both cost wise and investment wise.

Normal wear and tear by using it in day-to-day life is not there with regard to jewelries made with platinum. When compared to other metals like gold and silver, jewellery made with platinum is the purest form. Earrings for women in platinum are the most attractive jewellery in the current modern world. Platinum metal was molded to make ornaments in the proportion of 95% of platinum mixed with some kind of alloy of two or more metals for the balance 5%. Platinum earring for women is the most popular and ancient form of jewellery piece made out of this metal and liked by women all through the world.

Platinum earrings are available in different style, shape and design with lightweight and ready for daily usage in the jewellery industry. It is very safe on skin without creating allergies even used for a long time. Maintenance is very easy with platinum jewellery. Moreover, frequent cleaning is possible through a simple process of soaking it in a mild soap water solution and scrubbing it gently with a brush containing soft bristles to remove minute dirt and wiping it with a soft cloth. This process will make the jewellery more shining, dirt free and its life can be extended more than a decade.

A mark of “Pt” or “Plat” will be denoted on the ornament for our easy reference based on the level of purity of platinum that is used to make that jewellery. The range of purity will depend upon the percentage of platinum added with other metals to develop an ornament and that can be about 85% or 90% or 95%.

To enhance the beauty and to give a luxurious finish to the platinum earring for women, some sort of precious stones like diamond, zircon are embedded in it. With regard to costing of such platinum earring, it is available in all price ranges starting from a minimum amount in thousands to a maximum limit. The pricing is mainly based on purity percentage, weight, usage of precious stones, design and other valid factors. At the outset, Platinum earrings, being a white metal that gives a simple look, act as the symbol of wealth and beauty.

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