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5 Gram Gold Coin 24Kt 999 Purity

Top 10 reasons to buy gold coins

Buying gold is one of the most sound and lucrative investments that you can make. Gold is considered auspicious, and many Indian families have the habit to buy standard gold coins like 1gm, 2gm or 5gm purity gold coins on special occasions. Indians are instilled with the habit of gold purchase, which indeed is a good investment. But, is investing money the only reason for indulging in a 50, 20, 10 or 5gm gold coin purchase.

Here are top 10 reasons to buy gold coins:

1. Gold bullion coins of any size are considered as the purest assets that we can easily own. These not just offer an intrinsic value to one's asset portfolio but also yield high returns. Thus, one should always buy one or two 5gm gold coin 999 purity once or twice a year.

2. Owning gold coins or gold bars is a good way of protecting yourself from inflation and devaluing national currencies.

3. Gold is considered auspicious and it is believed that worshipping God with gold coins bring good fortune. This is why people often buy 999 purity 5gm gold coins on occasions like Diwali and Dhnateras.

4. Of all sorts of investments that you can make, these are one of the tangible investments. This enhances the charm of investing and one feels satisfied by even investing in the most minimal quantities of gold like a 5gm gold coin or bar.

5. Gold coins are the best ways of saving the money and even give you the opportunity to earn from your savings. So, whenever you have some extra money, it’s better to buy some gold from it as its value always increases with time.

6. Gold purchase gives you insurance and can be used in the bad times. Sometimes, when we need to generate very higher amounts of money, selling gold is the most feasible option. It gets sold instantly and you can generate any amount of money by giving equivalent amount of gold to a trader.

7. A 5gm gold 999 purity in any form is one of the most glittery, lustrous and charming asset to own. Thus, it's an investment that gives you pleasure as well.

8. Purchasing gold is good investment, but it becomes even better investment option in developing countries like India. Investment in gold is certainly a promising form of currency for future in these countries. Thus, it's a wise decision to buy a 999 purity 5gm gold time to time. It's not a very heavy investment to make, but over the time, it can become a invaluable asset.

9. Gold is a portable form of investment. You cannot save large heaps of currency everywhere but smaller gold coins can be easily put in safe valves of banks.

10. It needs very less maintenance and thus, it's easy to save your money in the form of gold.

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