Term and Condition

malabargoldanddiamonds.com provide with free shipping facility for each and every order within India. Your delivery is fully insured and later shipped. We would request all customers for inspecting the package if in case there is any damage before receiving the product.

Once the product is packed, we sure to ship and deliver it with the help of the following courier service for free.

Blue Dart

Every package of jewellery from shopmgd.com will reach your doorstep in a durable condition and will be backed by tamper-proof packing. Even if it is a gold coin, jewellery or solitaire, the item will be delivered in a special Malabar box with all the required certificates.

The member will have to mention the address and provide other details of the person, who will make sure to collect shipment during the time of purchase. During the time of placing of the order, the member will have to state the complete name of recipient as it is stated in their photo identification that is approved by the Government. At the delivery destination, the recipient will be required to collect the product and has to provide with any of the below mentioned identity proofs.

  • Drivers License
  • Passport

We make sure that delivery is made with the help of courier agent after checking the identity proof of the recipient and the courier agent confirms the same. To make sure that the delivery is safe and secured, the courier agent will make sure to note down details of such identity proof. During this process, the receiver will be expected to cooperate with agent by providing with original copies of identity proof.

If in case, member wants anybody else to receive delivery on their behalf, further details are required during the time of ordering the product. The items will be delivered to the person directly at the right place and once the order gets processed, the receivers details cannot be changed.

Once the order is created, the member can change shipping address only till the order is actually shipped. If the member would want to change shipping address, they should log in into their respective account and click on "change shipping address" button, which is next to shipping address and then change the address. Such icon will be active till order status is changed to “shipped”. Once this is done, such link that states "change shipping address" will get inactive.

The shipping charges and the other local charges will be borne by the respective members. If the packaging is tampered, the recipient is advised not to accept such deliveries.

The person who receives the product are expected to open such package and then check the contents before receiving the delivery.

If at all the recipient is unavailable during the time of delivery, courier service company will try to deliver the product for a maximum of 3 times. If you are still not reachable/ available, the same will be returned to shopmgd.com. The cost of handling and re-shipment during the times of non-delivery to the Member will be chargeable to the member.

Guarantee of the delivery of the product is subject to the terms and conditions of courier company. Any kind of discrepancy in the details of the receiver will result in undelivery of such product.


We know that you trust in Shopmgd.com. This is the reason we have set high standards for transactions to be secured and also adhere to the customer information privacy. Please note that our privacy policy will be subject to changes at any point in time without any prior notice.



We usually collect personal information like name, email id, contact number and such other details during the process of setting up an account with Shopmgd.com. When browsing a few sections of site without you being a registered member, you will not be able to place an order. We use your contact details so that we can intimate you about the timely offers, which are based on the previous orders and also depends on your interest.


We make use of the personal details for providing you with service requests. For various purposes like troubleshooting problems, collection of fees owed, for surveys and for providing information on various offers, we need your personal information. We also collect and analyze the demographic and also the profile data about users activity in our website. We make sure to identify and use the IP address for diagnosing problems and for diagnosing our website.


Our site is featured with strict security measures and due to this, we help in protecting the loss, alteration and misuse of information under our control. If in case you want to change or want to access your personal account information, we make sure to provide with secure server. Once the information is with us, we make sure to adhere to the stringent security guidelines and protect the same against unauthorized access.


Shopmgd.com provides to all the users with a chance of opting out of promotional and marketing related services from us on behalf of our partners, after you set up an account.

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes there may be a few orders that cannot be accepted by us and hence, we have the right to refuse or cancel any of the orders. A few reasons for non-delivery usually include limitation of the product, error is pricing, error in product information etc. We also have the right to check out for extra information for the purpose of accepting orders in a few cases. We make sure to notify you if in case your order is cancelled partially or completely or if in case any extra data is required for the purpose of accepting your order.

Once you place the order, such order can be cancelled before the shipping is undertaken to the destination. Once the request of cancellation is received by us, we make sure to refund the amount to your bank account with the help of a suitable mode of payment within 10 working days. After the process of refund is initiated, you would receive amount of refund directly to your account.

If in case the amount is deducted from your account and the transaction has failed, we will make sure to credit (refund) the entire amount to your bank account soon.

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