Our buyback policy is applicable, only if you wish to return the jewellery, solitaire diamond or gold coin for money back in future after 15 days of purchase. Buy back can be done by returning the product to the registered address of www.malabargoldanddiamonds.com or by visiting & returning the product at any of our stores.

Gold Jewellery :

Gold Jewellery purchase from online store is eligible for cash buy back policy either online or at any of our stores. Standard deductions in the respective region will be applicable.

Diamond and Precious Gem Stone Jewellery :

In case cash buy back policy for diamond and Gem stone jewellery the valuation of returning stock would be either
(a) 70% of the total invoice value or
(b) 96% of the prevailing gold value + 70% of the prevailing diamond price, whichever (a or b) is higher.

The Cash Buy Back policy will be subject to a Quality Check (QC) by our QC department or by a certified laboratory as required. A maximum of 4 days will be required for the QC process. Malabar Gold and Diamonds reserves the right to calculate the buyback amount of the product depending on the final evaluation by our quality check team.

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