In case of any discrepancy we can cancel any of the orders. A few reasons for cancellation from our end usually include limitation of the product in the inventory, error in pricing, error in product information etc. We also have the right to check out for extra information for the purpose of accepting orders in a few cases. You will be notified if in case your order is cancelled partially or completely or if in case any extra information is required for the purpose of accepting your order.

Once you place the order, such order can be cancelled from your end before the shipping is undertaken to the destination. Once the request of cancellation is received by us, we make sure to refund the amount to your bank account with the help of a suitable mode of payment within 10 working days. After the process of refund is initiated, you would receive the amount of refund directly to your account.

If in case the amount is deducted from your account and the transaction has failed, we will make sure to credit (refund) the entire amount to your bank account soon.

Please note that this policy is not applicable for customized jewellery.

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