In the 6th century BC, the Byzantine Emperor had two visitors that would change the world of luxury fabrics forever. A pair of Monks had brought him the secret of sericulture, which until then had remained a secret with the Chinese. This heralded the spread of brocade across the world, a fabric that became synonymous with the epitome of luxury and finery.

We found our collection's heart in the works of different brocade patterns across the globe. Perfect for those who believe that fine jewellery should be crafted as delicately as the finest handloom fabric, and be just as versatile and unique.

This collection seeks to revive the beauty of this globally renowned rich handloom, originally for royals, by transforming it into classic yet stylish jewellery for those who want to sport the most beguiling brocades of the world.


Inspired by the brocade that became the speciality of Banaras.
When brocade was first introduced to India, Hindu artisans created motifs of the sun, moon, stars, animals and plants. After the Mughal Period, Persian patterns of flowers and paisleys became the norm.

Crafted in the floral motifs reminiscent of Banarasi brocade, this collection ranges from daily wear jewels to bridal and cocktail wear. The contrast of shimmer can be seen in each piece, while the attention to the play of negative and positive space makes the jewels appear light and airy, just like the shimmery fabric that inspired them.







Inspired by the celestial bodies that adorned Ottoman brocade.
In the 16th century, this fabric was used in papal robes and the ceremonial apparel worn by the imperial entourage. Jewels crafted with a blend of different, ornate diamond settings create a play of shimmer. While the contrast of pave forms with a bold centre diamond focus, enhanced with a rim of fine diamond trimming, creates the intricacy and detailing that steals the show on any occasion.






Inspired by the elegant, heavy and luxurious weave of French brocade.
It has been estimated that more than one-third of the population of Lyon was involved in the silk industry by the late 18th century. Fine floral patterns on French lace inspire these delicate leaf form jewels with a touch of contemporary styling, versatile enough to go with your day or night looks.



Inspired by the colourful cloud like appearance of Nanjin Yunjin Silk Brocade.
Among all kinds of silk fabrics, only Nanjing Yunjin Brocade is still made by traditional Chinese large flower floor machines. The finery of Chinese cloud brocade has been crafted into contemporary forms that resemble clouds, complete with fine scrolls.





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