Platinum Education

Platinum – A perfect symbol of integrity

These days, Platinum has been a preferred jewellery of any lady. This gives an amazing and elegant look. It is also well-known for its versatility. It is pure and is a perfect image of inner truth. The color of this metal is silvery-white and it is lustrous. It does not corrode at any temperature. The best thing about Platinum is that it suits people with sensitive skin perfectly as it is hypoallergenic in nature. The tarnish-resistant feature in it, makes it suit perfectly for making beautiful jewellery.

Platinum with diamond is extremely appealing and can make a perfect engagement ring. This metal will not fade at all as it 95% pure. This metal holds diamonds and various other precious stones perfectly when compared to ay other metal. Platinum is known to be rare and it is found in a few places throughout the world. This is known to be 30 times rarer when compared to Gold. Due to this factor, the price of Platinum is higher than Gold.

Good creativity and craftsmanship are essential to make platinum jewellery pieces. This is another factor why Platinum is expensive when compared to Gold.

Caring for Platinum Jewellery

You need to store the Platinum pieces separately, preferably in a bag or jewellery box so that it does not get scratched with any other item.

It would be better if you could take off the platinum jewellery when engaged in heavy work.

Always make use of minor solution of soap and lukewarm water to wash the jewellery and rub it gently with the help of a soft cloth. You can also buy jewellery cleaning solution, so that you can clean the jewellery effectively.

You are not supposed to handle harsh chemicals or bleach when wearing platinum jewellery, as it might lead to discoloring of gemstones or diamonds.

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