Pearl Education

Magnificent Pearls

Pearls have got the credit of being one of the ancient gems and has been in existence since many centuries. It is known to be extremely valuable and it is a perfect symbol of purity, feminine charm and chastity. This is a perfect symbol of flawless perfection.

Pearls are usually classified into 2 categories like Natural and Cultured.

Natural Pearls

Natural pearl is actually formed when a tiny irritant finds way in mantle tissue of mollusk. The mollusk later emits a substance which is called as nacre and then the pearl begins to create. This is in fact a combination of various organic substances and crystalline. Around the irritant, the nacre is formed, which is turn protects the mollusk. After many years, this forms pearls. The natural pearls produce only single pearl at a time. These are extremely rare and hence, are known to be expensive.

Cultured Pearl

As natural pearls are rare, people have started dealing with cultured pearls these days. Such pearls are usually made by insertion of a foreign object into the freshwater mollusk or saltwater oyster. After this, the procedure remains the same as it natural pearls. With the help of x-rays, the nucleus of the pearl can be distinguished. Cultured freshwater pearls will usually are known to be such pearls that are farmed in the freshwater and are usually grown within the mussels itself. When compared to the saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls are smaller in size. Cultured saltwater pearls are the kind of pearls that are farmed in salt water and these are grown within with oysters. For each oyster, 1 pearl can be got.

Pearl Care, cleaning and maintaining

Pearls are usually known to be organic gem that require utmost care when compared to any other gems. Surface of pearls will usually be delicate and soft and hence, it gets damaged easily. Hence, it is essential to give special care to the pearls. If proper care is taken, the pearls are sure to last long and will become extremely beautiful.

  • Make sure not to use bleaches, detergent or baking soda. The ammonia based products should also be avoided. Also make sure not to clean it with the help of ultrasonic cleaner.
  • You need to apply any kind of cosmetics, perfume or hair spray before putting the pearls on you. By this, you can easily minimize the problems relating to damaging of pearls.
  • It is essential that you store pearl jewellery distinctly and it should be separate from any other hard jewellery items. This will also help in preventing any kind of damage.
  • Make sure not to store pearls in plastic bag. Plastics usually emit chemical that deteriorates the surface of pearls
  • Professional cleaning is greatly advised for pearls. But you can also choose to clean it by yourselves. You need to place the pearls in plastic so that the handling of pearls can be minimized. Later dip it into a mild soap solution many times. Rinse it thoroughly. Put it on a towel and let them dry at least for a day. Make sure to follow this thrice and then store your pearls.
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