Gold Bangles for Women

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Gold Bangles for Women

Bedazzle With Bangles

Bangles are those classy accessories which can perfectly define the beauty of a woman. Bangles are a must have in the jewelry box of every woman. Gold bangles hold a special position in a country like India, with a rich and strong cultural heritage .No wedding is complete without bangles. Gold bangles India are traditional jewelries and preferred to be worn in pairs. These pieces of beauty are worn widely around the country by women many times, either to signify matrimony or to flaunt an ethnic look.

The Mind Boggling Designs

At Malabar gold and diamonds, we always give the best effort to carve out the best gold bangles designs. Accessories for wrist such as bangles and bracelets have always fancied women. Today’s young generation is in particular extremely fancied by the trendy bangles because of their availability in sleek designs. Sometimes wrist jewelries are worn by women for spiritual as well as symbolic reasons. In some parts of India, women wear Indian gold bangles to exhibit their marital status. Catering to this varied category of demands, we offer a huge variety of bangles like 14k gold bangles and 22k gold bangles.

People In Love With Bangles

Bangles Indian are popularly known as Chudi , which often signify a Hindu woman’s marital status. But, wearing bangles is not only limited to Hindu women. People from other religions have their religious interpretations too. Depending on their socio economic status, people wear bangles and that is the reason, why there is a demand for our bangles all the time.

Our online collection

We have a vast range of bangle collection, starting from simple gold daily wear bangles to fancy ones studded with diamonds and ruby. You can even order for bangle customization at an affordable price. You will be surely dazzled with our vast collection. Shopping online from our ecommerce store is never easier as of now. Just choose the product you like to purchase and simply checkout and pay the amount. The product will reach your doorstep within 5-7 working days. We also accept different modes of payment for the benefits of our buyers.

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