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  • Malabar Gold Pendant Set PSNVPNBL5004

    New Arrival

    USD 966

  • Malabar Gold Pendant Set PSNVPNBL5002

    New Arrival

    USD 1,123

  • Malabar Gold Pendant USPD2986066

    New Arrival

    USD 174
    SKU : USPD2986066
  • Malabar Gold Pendant USPD2985987

    New Arrival

    USD 113
    SKU : USPD2985987
  • Malabar Gold Pendant USPD2987964

    New Arrival

    USD 84
    SKU : USPD2987964
  • Malabar Gold Pendant USPD2987960

    New Arrival

    USD 91
    SKU : USPD2987960
  • Malabar Gold Pendant USPD2911911

    New Arrival

    USD 649
    SKU : USPD2911911
  • Malabar Gold Pendant Set PSPD3072503

    New Arrival

    USD 1,621

    SKU : PSPD3072503_US
  • Malabar Gold Pendant Set PSNVPNBL5004

    New Arrival

    USD 991

  • Malabar Gold Pendant Set PSNVPNBL5002

    New Arrival

    USD 1,096

  • Starlet Gold Pendant PD3449235

    New Arrival

    USD 208
    SKU : PD3449235_US
  • Starlet Gold Pendant PD3448762

    New Arrival

    USD 168
    SKU : PD3448762_US

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Gold Pendant for Women

Gold-The Eternal Love Of Women

Women love anything that is bright and shiny. This is the reason why gold pendants are ideal gifts for a woman. They are not only durable but can also be used by the recipient for a long period of time. A gold pendant will always stay near the heart of the wearer and remind her of the love with which one has gifted the pendant to her. Pendants for women can also be the mark of the first success which she has tasted. Even with the passage of time, the value of the piece never gets depreciated.

What Is Our Specialty?

Gold is the most valuable of all metals and most interestingly, it can give the required sparkle to any outfit. Just a simple pendant can enhance the beauty of a woman manifold. Keeping this in mind, we have designed gold pendants for women which can add to the celebration called womanhood. Our pendants are available in different sizes, styles and designs to suit every occasion and every taste. We believe that every woman has a different personality of her own and she will have her tastes accordingly. To cater to this diverse need, we have an immense variety of designs.

Come To Us For A Visual Treat

We have in offer gold pendant necklace for women belonging to all age group. If the set is a well crafted pendant hanging from an equally magnificent chain, very few women can actually resist the temptation of buying one. This is just what we do and our gold pendant for womens has carved a niche among not only women but their male counterparts as well.

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