Gold Color

The demand for gold, is high and always considered a prized possession when compared to any other metals. Because, the precious metal gold can be beautifully shaped into anything according to our taste and fashion sense and also it is considered as an investment or a secondary bank balance as we are all familiar with its value. People value gold, also because of its history where it was used as a source of money and jewelry plus, gold metal is quite different and contains some rare properties compared to to other common metals.


Long back, in olden days, gold was considered to have healing and therapeutic properties and so it was worn widely. For more than 5000 years, people have used gold as jewelry and also as a source of money, since then the love for gold has haven't died down. The unique properties of gold makes it scarce and since it can blended and given any shape so it was used as a trading medium.


The alloy composition of gold is a certain percentage of gold, silver, copper and zinc. For instance, 22K yellow gold contains 91.67% , Silver 5%, Copper 2% and Zinc 1%


Colors of Gold
The most prominent color of gold is yellow which is favored most by people. Later did rose gold and white gold create a rage too but not as much compared to yellow gold.

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Yellow Gold
One of the most preferred colors of gold, yellow gold is mostly used for creating ornaments. It is the purest and natural color of gold, as the mineral looks golden (yellow) when mined and favored the most by women as it also suits all skin tones. Its composition includes gold, silver, zinc and copper. It is the most hypo-allergic and malleable of all the gold colors and mostly opted by jewelers.

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Rose Gold
Rose gold has been introduced to the jewelry market only recently and more cheaper comparatively to yellow gold. Rose gold metal has a unique pinkish hue that is obtained when copper is blended with yellow gold. The more the percentage of copper is stronger the more pinkish is the gold. Copper is very durable and so this makes rose gold harder than yellow or white gold.

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White Gold
In order to obtain white gold, white metals like rhodium, palladium, zinc and nickel are blended with yellow gold. White gold is silvery white in color and opted by almost everyone as it is considered quite soothing and chic. This metal is more durable and scratch resistant because of presence of rhodium in it.

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