Gold Care and Clean

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How to take care of your gold?

  • Gold should not be exposed to cleaning fluids or soaps or harsh chemicals as it contains chlorine and it can damage the metal severely.
  • It is advisable to store gold jewelry wrapped in a soft cloth or cotton or plastic zip bags for safety.
  • For long time, pearls or gemstones should not be exposed to sunlight as the color might fade.
  • Any sort of household chores like gardening, house cleaning, washing clothes or utensils are not recommended with jewelry on.
  • Chlorinated water can react with gold so, gold jewelry must be kept away while swimming or spas or any grooming sessions.
  • Gold jewelry should be avoided from any kind of cosmetics like lotion, hair spray or perfume as it can damage the color of the gold.
Tips to Buy Online

How to clean your gold?

  • Always a soft cotton cloth or a toothbrush is to be used with lukewarm water while cleaning gold.
  • It is not at all advised to clean or wash any damaged or broken gold jewelry as it may worsen its condition.
  • Gold can be spotlessly cleaned with the use of toothpaste or ammonia-water solution or any commercial cleanser.
  • Harsh cleansers like bleach or polishing liquids will damage the gold and is not at all advisable.
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