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  • Malabar Gold Necklace NK4273223

    New Arrival

    USD 1,571
    SKU : NK4273223_US
  • Malabar Gold Necklace NK4273204

    New Arrival

    USD 1,573
    SKU : NK4273204_US
  • Malabar Gold Necklace NK4273031

    New Arrival

    USD 1,587
    SKU : NK4273031_US
  • Malabar Gold Necklace NK4272922

    New Arrival

    USD 1,575
    SKU : NK4272922_US
  • Malabar Gold Necklace NK4273062

    New Arrival

    USD 1,607
    SKU : NK4273062_US
  • Malabar Gold Necklace NK4273084

    New Arrival

    USD 1,624
    SKU : NK4273084_US
  • Malabar Gold Necklace NK4273048

    New Arrival

    USD 1,587
    SKU : NK4273048_US
  • Malabar Gold Earring ERCOS41943

    New Arrival

    USD 617
    SKU : ERCOS41943_US
  • Malabar Gold Earring ERCOS41757

    New Arrival

    USD 479
    SKU : ERCOS41757_US
  • Malabar Gold Earring ERCOS41720

    New Arrival

    USD 555
    SKU : ERCOS41720_US
  • Malabar Gold Earring ERCOS41699

    New Arrival

    USD 481
    SKU : ERCOS41699_US
  • Malabar Gold Earring ERCOS16594

    New Arrival

    USD 603
    SKU : ERCOS16594_US

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Festive Gift

Selecting the Best Diamond Gifts for Festive Occasion

Be it the Christmas or Diwali, selecting the right festive gifts is important that upscale the occasion. From usual sweets to gift hampers, people usually choose that makes the occasion a worth. However, to make it more special and exciting, why not gift a beautiful diamond item for your special ones? If you want to select Christmas gifts for her, then there are some sparkling gifts that are simply beautiful and worth presenting. We have collected some handful diamond favourites that go apt for the festive season and exquisite pieces you can choose to select and buy. These diamonds are identified for their clarity, cut and spark, making it the most crafted items.

18k White Gold Simon G. Fabled Diamond Engagement Rings:

If you're looking for Christmas gifts, then this 18k White Gold Simon G Engagement ring is the best option. In fact, it is a gift for women, that couldn't be unforeseen. This engagement diamond ring features twisted shank and four-prong setting. It is available in white, yellow and rose gold.

Mine Diamond Ring:

Looking gifts for mom to surprise her on a special occasion, then Diamond Ring from Mine is the best option to go for. Blended with 18k gold purity and leaf theme, it has been certified by IGI and is worth a spending a penny over it.

Precia Gold Ring:

Specially designed for women, this 22KT pure gold Precia Gold Ring is the best festive gift you can offer. With gemstone theme and 916 gold certification, Precia Gold Ring is the best gift you can present to someone close to you.

14K White Gold Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant:

If looking to buy Christmas gifts for her, then 14k White Gold Flower Cluster Diamond is an appropriate one to go for. The spectacular cutting and enhancement, makes the ring look beautiful and worth investing on.

ERA Uncut Diamond Earring:

This studs type earring from ERA is an Uncut diamond makes a perfect gift for mom or women whom you want to propose for engagement. This Floral theme comes with gold certification of 750 and is worth to invest on.

Conclusion: Shopping for festive gifts requires good idea, patience and knowledge about the product. From shapes, size and cut, everything matters as a part of smart shopping. Present the jewelry that will define your love and remains as the best investment for long life.

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