Diamond Color

Basically all diamonds are colorless. The quality of a diamond is influenced by its transparency factor. A transparent diamond mostly allows light to pass through it which therefore results in creating a rainbow effect on it. But, necessarily all diamonds are not white, fancy colored diamonds found in hues of pink, blue, band yellow. Red being the rarest of all.

According to G.I.A. Grading scale, the letter “D” denotes the whitest and brightest of diamonds descending to the letter “Z”.

Colorless Grade :
D graded diamond are the best diamonds so far, and are colorless. So are the E and F graded diamonds which are of supreme quality as well.
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Near colorless Grade (G-J) :
The G and H graded diamonds are nearly colorless. Although not fully transparent they are valuable. The I and J diamonds have a slight tone and are mostly used for making jewelry.
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Faint colorless Grade (K-M) :
The diamonds graded under K, L, and M do have a faint yellowish color which is not easily noticeable but can still be counted as beautiful diamonds.
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Very light color Grade (N-Z) :
The color of the diamonds under this category revolves around hues of light yellow.
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