Diamond Buying Tips

• A diamond’s cut and diamond’s shape is different from each other. A diamond’s “cut” refers to the facets which decides the brilliance of it while “shape” is the physical form or structure of a diamond.

• As, the size of the diamond increases, so does the brilliance and sparkle along with the price.

• The setting of the diamond must be chosen carefully to hold the carat weight and shape of the diamond.

• Before buying a diamond, study of the “4 C’s“ is a must to get the basic knowledge about the diamond.

• It is not recommended to buy a diamond without certification.

• Do keep the diamonds or diamond jewelry safe in a box wrapped in cotton or any cloth , as constant rubbing of the diamond against each other might result in scratch or wear and tear.

• Harsh chemicals should be avoided while wearing diamonds. Most of the cleaning fluids contain chlorine which can cause serious damage to diamonds.

• While engaging in household chores, diamonds or diamonds jewelry should not be exposed to cleaning, washing or lifting heavy objects which may certainly create cracks or blemishes in the diamond.

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