Diamond Anatomy

Each diamond has specific properties which is called the Anatomy of a Diamond. The three most important components are diameter, table, and depth that forms the basic structure of the diamond. To know better, here’s the guide to identify the structure of a Diamond.

Pearl Education
Table - The flat octagonal portion of the diamond is called the table which is also the biggest facet.

Crown - The top most part of the diamond is called the crown.

Girdle - Where the crown ends and meets the pavilion, that widest edge of a diamond is called girdle.

Pavilion - The bottom part of the diamond that begins from the girdle and goes down towards the culet is called the pavilion.

Culet - The smallest facet of the diamond at the tip pf the diamond.

Depth - It is the height of the diamond which is measured from the table to the culet.

Diameter - The width of the diamond is called the diameter.
Diamond Polish
The way a diamond is polished signifies the brilliance of it. When a diamond is polished the unwanted inclusions of it are removed and thus the diamond reflects more light. The diamond polish grade is explained below.

Very Good Polish - The top most part of the diamond is called the crown.

Good Polish - A good polish signifies that there are small polish lines that can be noticed in the diamond under 10x magnification with difficulty, but still remains invisible to the naked eye.

Fair Polish - Fair polish in a diamond means that the flaws can be noticed both under 10x magnification and as well as visible to the naked eye.

Poor Polish - Poor polish in a diamond indicates that flaws and defects can be quite visibly be noticed under 10x magnification and to the naked eye.
Diamond Fluorescence
Fluorescence of a diamond refers to how a diamond reacts to Ultra violet rays, which makes the diamond more brighter and produces a faint blue colored shine when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays. The important elements of diamond fluorescence are color and the strength of the fluorescence.

None/Negligible - If, there is no fluorescence in a diamond then the color of a diamond is not visible.

Faint - If the fluorescence of a diamond is faint, then there will be a a very little influence of color.

Medium - If the fluorescence of a diamond is medium, then there will be a visible amount of color.

Strong - If the fluorescence of a diamond is strong, the color of the diamond is remarkably visible. There is a strong influence observed which has a significant influence on the color of a diamond.
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