Bring Home Happiness & Prosperity this Akshaya Tritiya

On this auspicious occasion, we bring you an exclusive offer on buying gold and diamond jewellery without leaving the security of home. Buy online and get it delivered once lock down is over and situation is under control.
Exclusive Offer
New Arrivals


Jewellery Collection

PSMN5AKT20PN003 | AED 8,995

NSMN2AKT20NK001 | AED 8,992

MN1AKT20MS001 | AED 1,993

MN8AKT20BN001 | AED 7,993

MN1AKT20BN002 | AED 3,993

MN1AKT20ER002 | AED 3,901

MN1AKT20ER001 | AED 5,490

MN1AKT20RN003 | AED 1,391

NSEA2AKT20NK003 | AED ‭14,992‬

NSEA2AKT20NK002 | AED 19,693

NSEA2AKT20NK004 | AED 10,996

PSEA5AKT20PN002 | AED 4,493

EA1AKT20BN001 | AED 5,252

EA1AKT20BN002 | AED 4,892

EA1AKT20RN001 | AED 1,351

EA1AKT20RN002 | AED 991

EA1AKT20RN003 | AED 951

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid from 20th April 2020 till 30th April 2020.
  • This offer is exclusive online offer and valid only for online purchase at
  • For every USD 300 gold jewellery purchase 1 Gold coin of 150mg and for every USD 300 diamond jewellery purchase 2 Gold coin of 150mg each will be dispatched along with order.
  • This offer is not valid on purchase of solitaire, Gold Coins and Gold Bars.
  • Orders will be shipped once lock down is open and situation is under control.
  • If customer wants to cancel order before shipment a cancellation fees of 3% will be applicable and 97% of order value will be refunded back to customer account.
  • If customer wants to return product after delivery, our buyback and exchange policy will be applicable and customer has to return gold coin along with it else there will be deduction of gold coin amount.
  • For more details and query customer can contact our call center no +912262300916 or mail us at
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