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    USD 1,272
    Gujarati Malabar Gold Ancia Bangdi BANQKNB01879
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    USD 6,842
    Gujarati Malabar Gold Ancia Chandan Haar NANQBIN03973
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    USD 3,206
    Gujarati Malabar Gold Ancia Kundan Bangdi BANQKNB01878
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    USD 2,161
    Gujarati Malabar Gold Damani TANQBIT00136
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    USD 2,483
    Gujarati Malabar Gold Kundan Bangdi BANQKNB01877
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    USD 3,033
    Gujarati Malabar Gold Kundan Butti SANQBIS01053
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    USD 17,750
    Gujarati Malabar Gold Kundan Rani Haar NANQBIN03971
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    USD 441
    Gujarati Malabar Gold Nath TNRGBIT00138
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    USD 2,079
    Gujarati Malabar Gold Mangal Sutra NCCTBIN03972
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    Traditions Gujarati Bride and her wedding

    Gujarat, a state located on the west coast of the country India earns the reputation of being home to two of India’s greatest countrymen – Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbh
    Rituals Pre Wedding Rituals

    Mandap Mahurat: Before beginning any auspicious task it is a custom amongst the Hindus to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed Hindu god, who is believed to be the remove


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