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    Andhra Nizam As mentioned previously, the wedding of Andhra Nizams includes many rituals. Prior to the wedding day, there are some important rituals that take place at the bride’s place.
    Andhra Reddy As mentioned above, there are innumerable pre-marriage rituals and ceremonies that start from the bride as well as the groom’s family. There is a specific chronological order in which these rituals take place.
    Karnataka Coorgi The Kodava wedding is shorter than the other communities in India. It’s a two day gala time, where the Coorgi bride wears a traditional brocade sari in a typical Coorgi style (black pleats, wrapped border on right shoulder)
    Tamil Brahmin Truly speaking, the Tamil Brahmins marriage customs and traditions are quite numerous but still fascinating. Everything starts with Ganapati Pooja and then other Poojas take place like Nandi Devata pooja and Navagraha Pooja.
    Tamil Gounder The rites and rituals performed during a Tamil Gounder Wedding are unique among other Tamilian communities and exhibit their cultured and refined upbringing as well as grooming.
    Kerala Christian The origins of Christianity date back to 52 AD when St. Thomas Apostle arrived in Kerala. He was one of the twelve original disciples of the Christ. The Catholic sect in Kerala composes
    Kerala Muslim Many people might not be aware of the fact that Kerala has a decent Muslim population. Almost 28-30% of the population in the state is that of Kerala Muslims. If historical facts are referred here,
    Kerala Nair Namaskaram (Receiving blessings from elders in the family) It is said and believed that no auspicious occasion can begin without blessings from elder members of the family. This stands applicable for marriages as well.
    Kannadiga Factually, the rituals and customs followed in the Kannadiga weddings are quite simple yet engaging. The customs basically start from the fixing of alliance itself which is called Nischay Tamulam.
    Mangalore Bunt Bunt or Nadavas, is the name given to a forward Hindu community, which originated from the west coast of India and is majorly found in the Uduli and south Kannada districts of Karnataka and Kerela’s Kasargod district of Kerala.
    Andhra Arya Vysya Most commonly found in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Orissa, the Telegu Arya Vysya community are primarily considered a business class community. Old traditions are followed strictly in the community,
    Tamil Nadu Chettiar The tamilian Chettiyars have been the personification and epitome of pride, fashion, progress, globalization, culture and heritage dating back to 700 AD. Basically, it is a business community
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