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    Mughal Dynasty Intricate Splendour Mughal Jewellery a fine blend of Middle Eastern intricacy and Indian gold work, continues to influence ornament styles till date. Styles from the Renaissance period of the 17 century have also influenced this period’s designs. We are bringing them in vogue with our Brides of India Collection.
    20th Century Influenced by Foreign Tradition The legacy of Maharanis lives on with the Brides of India Collection from Malabar Gold & Diamonds, with its inspired ornaments from the 20th century kingdoms of India. Embody the poise and grace that has been the envy of countless with our royal collection.
    Colonial Age British Elegance India was the crowning glory of the Victorian Empire. Brides of India Collection from Malabar Gold & Diamonds brings the astonishing glimmer of this era for the brides of today with its spectacular diamonds and precious stones.
    Gupta Dynasty Artistry from the Golden Age of India The ornaments of Gupta age speak their most sophisticated aesthetic sense backed by intricate engineering skills. Other than the technical skill, Gupta age is remarkable for its continuity of design in jewellery. Brides of India Collection brings that craftsmanship to life again.
    Vijaya Nagara Dynasty 300 Years of Glory in Every Design The splendid 300 years of this mighty kingdom witnessed artful socio-cultural life leading to the memorable masterpieces of all time. The royal touch of art is visible in every piece of jewellery belonging to those days. Soak the inspired artistry with our Brides of India Collection.
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