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  • Malabar Gold Mangalsutra USMSNOB14051

    New Arrival

    USD 413
    SKU : USMSNOB14051
  • Malabar Gold Mangalsutra USMSNOB14402

    New Arrival

    USD 524
    SKU : USMSNOB14402
  • Malabar Gold Mangalsutra USMSNOB11263

    New Arrival

    USD 619
    SKU : USMSNOB11263
  • Malabar Gold Mangalsutra USMSNOB40079

    New Arrival

    USD 700
    SKU : USMSNOB40079
  • Malabar Gold Mangalsutra USMSNOB40082

    New Arrival

    USD 961
    SKU : USMSNOB40082
  • Malabar Gold Mangalsutra USMSNOB13984

    New Arrival

    USD 1,120
    SKU : USMSNOB13984
  • USD 1,417
    SKU : MG2192541_US
  • USD 1,551
    SKU : MSCOS10169_US
  • USD 1,882
    SKU : MSCOS40115_US
  • USD 2,201
    SKU : MSCOS40355_US
  • USD 2,221
    SKU : MG2192328_US
  • USD 2,491
    SKU : USMG2094564

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Gold Mangalsutra for Women

Mangalsutra - The Tradition

For a married hindu women, mangalsutra is one of the most personal and prized piece of jewelry. It is essentially a simple chain with a dangling pendant but its importance is due to its religious and cultural significance. Experiments are a part of almost everything and even the simplest of ornaments do not miss this trend. The latest trend is of a gold mangalsutra, wherein the pendant is made of gold. This is because the mangalsutra nowadays is not just a cultural necessity but also a simple and a subtle way to accessorize their look.

Why Us?

We at Malabar Gold and Diamonds, pay a lot of importance to the fact that mangalsutra is something which has immense significance in a woman’s life. This is not just a gold chain with black beads but it is something which is cherished by all and sundry, as a mark of love for their husband. To make the accessory more acceptable by the younger generation, we are experimenting with the designs and our mangalsutra designs in gold are witnessing a huge transformation.

The Latest Trend

People who are settled abroad often order mangalsutras from us, keeping in mind our impeccable quality and the stress we put on our gold mangalsutra design. For them we have our specifically designed scheme of ordering gold mangalsutra online. Buying mangalsutra online allows the customers to browse through a variety of designs and place an order from the comforts of their home. If a mother wants to present her daughter or daughter in law with something special, gold mangalsutra online USA is something which will benefit her.

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