Gold Mangalsutra

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Gold Mangalsutra

Gold Mangalsutra: The Most Precious Jewellery

Gold mangalsutra is not merely a piece of jewellery for any Indian woman. It carries more value than just being an ornament to adorn her. A mangalsutra is a symbol of her marriage, love, and commitment. It carried humongous significance for her as a mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers. It is believed that the black beads of mangalsutra have the power to protect the couple.

Needless to say, a mangalsutra is the most prized possession of every woman. And, keeping the importance of this ornament in mind, Malabar Gold and Diamonds has come up with gold mangalsutra collection.

The 22k gold mangalsutra in the collection are in daintiest designs and symbolise eternal love, faith, and respect that a married couple shares.

Gold mangalsutra designs latest at Malabar

At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, you will find a great range of beautiful gold jewellery mangalsutra. The collection includes many gorgeous designs and patterns. They are available in traditional designs, as well as trendy studded motif designs.

  • Traditional and modern

    We have gold mangalsutra in many gorgeous designs. Right from traditional to modern; you will find everything in our collection.
    Many women like to keep it traditional when it comes to this single piece of jewellery. For these women, we have traditional black bead mangalsutra. The classic designs feature traditional pendant designs and bead arrangement. While on the other hand, modern married women prefer something different and contemporary. For these ladies, we have mangalsutra in modern designs.
  • Various mangalsutra design gold

    For our lovely customers, we have plain mangalsutra, studded and uncut mangalsutra, as well as mangalsutra in antique designs and finish.
  • Mangalsutra for different wearing styles

    Whether it is a housewife or a working woman, Indian married women make it a point to wear mangalsutra 24X7, irrespective of whether they are at home, work, or a party. But, who says a woman has to wear the same mangalsutra all her life? She can buy multiple magalsutra and wear them as per the occasion. And so, we offer beautiful mangalsutra for different wearing styles. There are sober designs that can be worn regularly at home, office or casual occasions. These gold mangalsutra chain and pendant are elegant and lightweight. For special occasions like party, we have more glamorous and heavier gold necklace mangalsutra.
  • Mangalsutra according to different themes

    When it comes to themes, there is more than just traditional and modern. Owing to the growing demands of ladies, the jewellers are now providing mangalsutra in various themes, patterns, and designs. Apart from offering classic and contemporary, we have fancy and fashion mangalsutra that align with modern fashion while at the same time grip the traditional value of this precious jewellery. The modern mangalsutra comprise of traditional beads or contemporary gold mangalsutra pendant. They include gorgeous studded mangalsutra.
  • 22k gold mangalsutra for different occasions

    We have gold mangalsutra for various occasions. For weddings, we have the most stunning range. There heavily embellished mangalsutras are made from 22 k gold. For occasions like anniversary and birthday, we have more elegant designs. We have mangalsutra for giving away as gifts too. You can select any modish one to give as a gift to your beloved on her birthday or your anniversary.
  • Mangalsutra in different lengths and metal colour

    If you like to wear long beaded mangalsutra, the traditional way, we have long mangalsutra up to 20 inches in length. If you like to wear more neck-hugging mangalsutra, we have 16-inch long mangalsutra. We offer mangalsutra in lengths including 16 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches.

Buy gold mangalsutra online

Malabar Gold and Diamonds provides a great range of gold mangalsutra online. You can shop for a mangalsutra from anywhere and at any time given you have a smartphone and high-speed internet. Online shopping with us allows you to:

  • Save time and energy: Online shopping is the biggest time-saver. You just need to select your favourite gold necklace mangalsutra and pay us. The mangalsutra will reach your doorsteps.
  • Safe online shopping: We are a safe website. All the products showcased on our website are genuine and made of unadulterated gold. You can read the specifications of any product before buying it. We offer hallmark certified gold jewellery mangalsutra.
  • Connect with us: Our customer care officials are always at the disposal of our customers. They will assist you in shopping, product-related queries, return or exchange related queries, payment queries, etc. You can reach to them anytime.

With all these benefits, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that online shopping is actually a better option. You don’t need to visit your jeweller again and again. Visit our online store and shop for your favourite gold mangalsutra.

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