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Gold Jhumka Earrings for Women

Gold Jhumka for women. 

Gold Jhumka is an exotic earring and the prestige of every Indian woman. They have found their way in from traditional celebrations, weddings to fashion ramps and even in parties. India being the most vibrant in the traditional festivals, it’s evident that gold jhumka earrings are a big necessity. It’s the most vital backbone of every Indian jewellery, and what’s not to love about this timeless masterpiece? They are an enduring choice and ageless design of jewellery that has stayed in practice for years. These chandelier-created earrings that appear in a bell-shaped formation are now in vogue. These were always designed in a precise way, highlighting traditionalism. Still, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is progressive in an incredible way and made it easier for women to wear our extraordinary design even at parties and in contemporary form.

Gold ear jhumkas designs.

We have an impressive collection of gold earrings for the women out there. Jhumka has been a universal favourite for generations. Our range connects across designs in gold with both shiny and antique textures and studded with diamonds and even the traditional ones with rubies and emeralds. We have jhumka’s right from small to conventional gold, Diamond, Layered Malabar 18 Kt Two-Tone Gold Studded, Divine 22 KT Gold Studded Temple, Ethnix 22k gold studded, etc. Our karigars have made every piece with perfection for women's prosperity. We have something for everyone which you’d love. Go and explore your choice with the best digital purchasing experience.

Gold Jhumka online.

Buying gold ear-wear online is utterly beneficial as they offer numerous advantages to the buyer; a) Buyers get the opportunity to compare designs with our overall collection. b) Happy digital shopping experience. c) EMI payment d) Numerous modes of payments. e) 24x7 online assistance f) Easy return policy and so on. Malabar gold and diamonds is one the incredibly trusted brands, and your security is our priority. We have made it easier for you to access all of our designs with a comfortable and effortless order placing system. Every detail of the product is specified in the product description so that our buyers won’t face any issues. Right from size, gold purity, gross weight, net weight, gold certification, etc.

Gold jhumka's designed art with a price

The price of a stylish jhumka collection in gold starts from Rs 19,000 and increases up to approximately Rs 4,00,000 in diamonds. We even have EMI plans so that our buyers can pay according to their convenience.

Different occasions where you can wear different types of jhumka's.

1) Wedding day- Temple jewellery jhumkas are the OG’s and will look astonishing on the bride. It’s said that “old is gold,” and being the oldest, they will enhance your overall look. The traditional design perfectly complements the bridal lehenga. 

2) Attending a wedding or other function- Meenakari work, navratna stones with gemstones, adds up magic to the jhumka and your overall look. The boldness they carry is unbelievable, so it’s okay even if you plan to skip the neckwear. 

3) For modern brides - a) Statement open-setting jhumkas with a touch of gold, the magic of diamonds and polkis should undoubtedly be owned as they balance contemporary and traditional aesthetics. b) Even Chand Bali and hoop. Both these styles are trendy among modern brides. 

4) Elegant Evening outfit- If you are wearing an elegant saree, a hint of Diamond jhumka earrings will intensify the magic within you! 

5) Different types of traditional looks- a) Temple jhumkas would look stunning with silk saree or heavy lehenga b) Love wearing Indo-western outfits? Well, layered jhumkas is a perfect match for you.

Tips about how to wear and select the right jhumkas 

1)When purchasing, ensure that the pair you select is not too long for your neckline. You can even measure the distance from your ear lobe to your shoulder so that you can determine the maximum length they are to hang.

2)To highlight the glamour of your ear-wear, slide your hair away from your ears and put up your hair in an elegant bun or high ponytail.

3)Jhumka adds a volume of length to the face. Depending on the face shape, you can choose the size. If you have a round-shaped face, your face will look beautiful with longer jhumkas. If you are petite with small features, probably avoid extra-large ones.

4) This style is not for office wear attire. We’d love to make customised smaller or shorter pieces if you want to, especially for your daily wear.

5)Preferably, avoid wearing any elaborate statement necklace with jhumka. This gives an unsettled look.  

Machine-made ornaments are taking over the entire jewellery business. With time, Handmade designed jewellery seems to fade away. However, Malabar Gold and Diamonds has taken the initiative to keep alive the handmade artwork tradition made by our hardworking artisans through our brand name, the Ethnix brand. Buyers who desire a unique jhumka or any other piece of jewellery, we’d love to create a masterpiece for you with various colours and designs, averaging over 200 skilled person-hours on a piece.


1) Is Malabar Gold and Diamonds trustworthy?

Answer: Malabar Gold and Diamonds is a 100% trustable brand, one of the most loved brands around the globe, with over 260 stores within ten countries. Our main promises and values are Transparency and Customer trust. ‘Malabar promises' also includes 916 hallmarking verifying the purity of gold, IGI and GIA certified Diamonds ensuring 28-points quality check of global standards etc.

2) What kind of Jhumkas would look best on the bride, for her wedding day?

Answer- For a bridal wedding, we would highly recommend looking out for Temple Jewellery Jhumka as the look and elegance they carry is incomparably magnificent. A wedding is a very precious day for every bride, it’s a day very close to her heart and so is everything related to that day. Thus, for an exceptional touch, you can even think of a customised piece which we'll create incredibly for the bride. 

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