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Diamond Pendant Set

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Diamond Pendant Set

Buy Diamond Pendant Online

Women always frown at the thought of buying a diamond pendant online. And why not, shopping for diamonds online is a risky game. But, when you shop from Malabar Gold and Diamonds, you can rest assured of the quality and authenticity of the jewellery you are buying. The attractive designs become a bonus point. Malabar has an exquisite selection of diamond pendants for women. Given the fact that we are one of the oldest jewellers in the country, we are reliable online too. Our e-commerce portal has jaw-dropping diamond pendants that are pure and beautiful.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds: The best collection of diamond pendant online

We are proud to boast our collection of diamond pendants. We have a large collection comprising of pendants that satisfy the needs of every kind of shopper. The young girls will enjoy shopping with us we have a range of diamond pendant for girls in contemporary designs and themes. We also have pendants in ethnic designs for ladies who prefer traditional over modern. 

A grand collection

: We offer you ample options to choose from. To satisfy the needs of every kind of women, we have a grand collection comprising of diamond pendants in various themes, designs, the colour of gold, and purity of the metal and stone. 

Modern and traditional designs

: We have gorgeous pendants for young girls, housewives, and office-going women. We also have pendants in sober designs for elderly women. In the collection, you will find dainty paisley designs, butterflies, flowers and much more. 

Themes to suit your choice

: Do you wish to wear traditional designs where diamonds are arranged in clusters on a beautifully shaped gold base? Or, you want to wear a butterfly spreading its wings and flaunting little stones on them? We have diamond pendant online for women in various designs and themes. You can choose from contemporary, cluster, classic, and butterfly. 

Pendants for different wearing styles and occasions

: At Malabar, we have diamond pendants for different styles and occasions. We have pendants that you can wear regularly, pendants that you can wear on casual occasions, pendants that you can wear in parties and festivals, and pendants you can wear to office. We also have pendants for festive gifts. 


: We have pendants for women at a wide price range. If budget is not your concern, you can buy exquisite diamond pendant necklaces with us but if you have a strict budget, you will still have many options to choose from. We have sober pendants in many designs. 

Purity, Clarity, and Colour

: The purity, clarity, and colour of the metal and stone are big concerns. We have pendants in 18 KT gold and SI, VVS, and VVS VS diamond clarity. In terms of metal colours, we have many options including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and two-tone gold and EF and GH colour options in diamonds.

Diamond pendant online: The big advantage

Only a few ladies indulge in buying diamond pendant online. The inability to check the pendant physically and scams associated with online payments always prompt ladies to confine the idea of online shopping to less expensive things like clothes, regular accessories, and grocery. But, with Malabar, you can surely indulge in online shopping of diamond pendants for women. We are a safe online shopping portal which is genuine and always at the disposal of the customers. Here are the big advantages that you can garner with online shopping of diamond pendant: Shop from home: Obvious as it sounds, you can shop for diamond pendants from anywhere- from your home, your office, while sitting at a café, or travelling in the metro. You just need a smartphone and internet connection. Shop from a plethora of choices: Our online jewellery store has a grand collection of diamond pendants online. You will have n number of choices at your disposal. You can shop for anyone and everyone. You can buy pendants for any occasion. You can shop at any budget. Safe payment options: Today, there are multiple payment options available on the internet. On our online jewellery store, you will find many safe payment options that you can use as per your convenience. Our online jewellery-selling platform takes the security of their customers very seriously and hence, adopt various measures to safeguard the important details associated with online payment. Hence, you don’t have to worry about giving your personal details, as well as bank details, to us as these details are kept private. Easy shopping and easy returns: Just like shopping on our online portal is a smooth and easy experience, so is returns and exchange. If you want to return the product you have purchased and want to buy a new one, you can easily do it. However, various portals have their own return and exchange policy. You must go through the policies before initiating a request for return or exchange. Talking about us, we have an easy exchange and return policy. Genuine products: The leading jewellers have an online presence and if you are shopping with them, you don’t have to worry about the quality and authenticity of their jewellery. You will certainly get genuine products, high in terms of quality.

Best diamond pendant online

At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, we have the best selection of diamond pendants for women. Each one of our diamond pendants showcases finest craftsmanship, purest metals and stones. If you too love our diamond pendant designs for female, log in to our website and shop for the most gorgeous diamond pendants.
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