Diamond Nosepin

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Diamond Nosepin


Predominantly, a jewellery worn by a Hindu married woman as per the Indian culture, nose pins and studs have come very far from being a traditional piece of jewellery to a style statement over the past few years. Adorned by sparkling stones, a nose pin is amazingly versatile, and adds to the funk and edge to the cool looks of a rocker chick while adding a graceful glowing beauty to a newly married woman. Nose pins find their roots in the astonishingly rich culture of Middle Eastern countries which slowly and gradually seeped into the traditions and culture of Indian people when India was under the reign of Mughals. In this era, the country was at its glorious best and people learned several royal traditions and cultures. Also, there are various mentions of the nose pins or studs in the Indian text too.

Significance of wearing a nose pin in Indian tradition

While to a majority of people, nose pin may seem to be a style statement, in India, it is an age old tradition which heads back to centuries and possesses immense significance even today. Though, the practice of nose piercing did not originate from India, but it became one of the most respected Hindu traditions. Nose pin in India is generally worn on the nostril, but some women also wear it on their septum, that is, the cartilage between the two nostrils. Typically wearing a nose pin on the left nostril is a favored Ayurvedic medicine, as it is believed that the left nostril of a woman is associated with her reproductive organs, and piercing of nose in that position is believed to make the process of child birth easier as well as it is thought that it lessens the menstrual pain in women. Thus, as per Hindu tradition, wearing of nose pin by a married lady is considered a good practice.

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