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    The grandeur and the old world charm of a Rajasthani Rajputana wedding

    Rajasthan has long been home to the warrior clans and the Hindu kings who have ruled over their subjects with love and care. Tales are told of their bravery and unflinching loyalty towards their motherland. The Rajputs are as famous for their courage and chivalry as they are for their love for feasts. A traditional Rajasthani Rajput wedding is a thing of wonder, and defines the world opulence for many. Rajputs spare no expense when it comes to weddings, and their wedding ceremonies are filled with joyous celebrations. Sumptuous feasts, elaborate decorations, beautiful dresses, and folk music are the hallmark of these weddings, and have become famous all over the country.

    The Rajputana bride is dressed in the finest garments and covered with layers upon layers of gold. A traditional wedding in a Rajasthani Rajput family is something that everyone should get a chance to witness at least once in their lifetime. Its grace, elegance, and grandeur is what many people picture in their heads when they think of an Indian wedding. The entire ceremony is conducted with great pomp and show, and both the bride and the grooms’ families make sure that the event is a roaring success.

    The traditional attire of a Rajasthani Rajput bride

    The bride adorns a traditional bridal poshak, or dress, for the event. This tradition seems to have changed a little and some other Indian attires have also gained acceptance. Be it the traditional lehenga choli, or the ever popular Saari, only the finest and most richly decorated garments are worn by a Rajasthani bride on her wedding day. Elaborate embroidery and rich decorations turn a simple dress into a work of art. The jewellery that she wears is just as magnificent as the wedding itself. Pure gold jewellery set with precious stones, and decorated with intricate designs are a signature Rajasthani style.

    The head of the bride is adorned with a bell like accessory which is called Rakhdi, which is complemented by a Sheeshpal which adorns the rest of her head and frames it beautifully. Long and very thick earrings called Kundan Bhutti are also worn by the bride and can often reach as low as the neck of the bride. A special necklace called Aad is wrapped around the neck of the bride, and is a Rajasthan specialty. A larger and more elaborate necklace is also worn by the bride which is called a Raani Haar, or the Queen’s necklace. A Rani Haar and Timaniyaan are fashioned from gold and are studded with large and uncut diamonds. A nath, or nose ring, completes the adornment of her face and ensures that the bride looks her absolute best.

    A Bajuband is a special ornament that is most commonly seen in Rajasthani weddings, and is worn on the upper arm by the bride. Like the rest of her jewellery, they are also fashioned from gold and placed little above the elbows.On lower arms, traditional Rajasthani bangles called the chooda are worn. Delicate Pahunchis and Hathphulis adorn the wrists and the hands of the bride, thus completing the adornment of her entire arm and hand.

    Special jewellery is worn by the bride on her feet as well. Gold anklets which are known as Payal are worn, along with toe rings, which are known as Bichhiya.

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