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    Rituals of Tamil Gounder Wedding

    The rites and rituals performed during a Tamil Gounder Wedding are unique among other Tamilian communities and exhibit their cultured and refined upbringing as well as grooming. Their weddings are actually a three day extravaganzas. The Tamil Gounder Weddings start with Nichyadhaartham, i.e. engagement. On this occasion many religious traditions along with a sumptuous feast takes place. This occasion becomes even more attractive because of the gifts that are exchanged between both the bride and groom’s families. These gifts are given to the bride-to-be as blessings for her marital journey. Not only bride but the groom’s family also receives gifts from the bride’s side. Malabar Gold and Diamonds have come up with an amazing lot of ornaments for this occasion as well.

    First day of marriage is called Naal Vrindhu in which the relatives of both the families are given feasts by bride as well as groom’s family together. Next event is Muhurtha Kaal. On this day, bride’s family is offered help in marriage arrangements etc. Loud drum beating takes place and various other rituals occur.

    Muhurtham is an extremely important event in the marriage. Both the bride and groom are seated on the marriage platform after the appropriate rites have been performed. The Thaali or Mangala naan is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom. This Mangala naan (Mangalasutra) reaches the groom after it has received blessings from all the elderly wedding attendants. This ornament definitely has to be pretty and at Malabar Gold and Diamonds, there is a lot of Mangala naans made up with silver, gold and diamond. These have been fashioned in a way that will gather a lot of appreciation from the people around.

    So, it can be said that this three day wedding function and the rituals followed during it make the Tamil Gounder Weddings quite exceptional as well as interesting. Malabar Gold and Diamonds takes pride in catering to the sundry needs of these weddings.
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