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    Tamil Brahmin Wedding

    Tamil Brahmin people are actually called Iyers. Like every other hindu wedding, their marriage functions last for about 2 to 3 days. The traditions and rituals followed by these people are quite exceptional and elite that truly reflects the kind of social life they lead. Jewellery is of course a very important aspect of their weddings. They do take pride in the lavishness of their weddings and it is justified. So, taking this in consideration, Malabar Gold and Diamonds have created such beautiful collection of gold, platinum and diamond Jewellery that will surely make several hearts beat faster.

    Jewellery as per Tamil Brahmin Bridal Traditions

    Jewellery of bride is what everyone is attracted to. It plays a significant role in decoration of a bride and in making her look marvelous on her day. Malabar Gold and Diamonds understands this very well and so have designed every jewellery article that is to be worn by the bride on her wedding wonderfully. The jewellery will not only enhance her looks but also maintain the dignity of Tamil Brahmin wedding traditions. There is a big collection of articles available at Malabar that you can choose from.
    Waist bands have been specially designed by Malabar Gold and Diamonds to suit Tamil Brahmin brides. These make the brides look just awesome.
    Neck pieces that are preferred heavy weighted in these weddings have also been prepared carefully and these exclusive designs can never be found elsewhere. Conveniently, you can check out the designs on Malabar’s website too.
    Vanki worn by brides at forearms are also available in huge varieties and with incredible designs appropriate for a lovely bride.
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