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    Mangalore Bunt Wedding

    Wedding is an opulent and grand affair in India, and is celebrated with astounding grandeur in all parts of India. Though, wedding rituals and ceremonies vary from community to community but a few elements are common in each wedding, like heavy and rich wedding jewellery for the bride. Jewellery forms the most significant part of the overall attire of the bride. Like all other marriages, the Mangalore bunt wedding is full of grand celebration and bride is ornamented with extremely beautiful traditional jewellery. Hence, Malabar Golds and Diamonds offer a striking collection of traditional and regional bunt wedding jewellery that will appeal to every woman present in the ceremony.

    Jewellery According to Mangalore Bunt Wedding Traditions

    Traditions hold the maximum significance in any India ceremony and especially in weddings. Every ceremony in related with a specific tradition which possesses profound significance, and jewellery is an integral part of all these ceremonies. To make every wedding ceremony more authentic, Malabar Golds and Diamonds bring an astounding range of Bunt wedding jewellery.

    The havalakki sara, is a beautifully crafted long and intricate gold chain which is astonishingly studded with precious stones. The Bunt bride wears it with the wedding saree to make an impeccable combination of rich clothing and splendid jewellery.

    The lakshmi balai, is a gold bangle with an embossed design of Goddess Lakshmi which is a masterpiece in its own. These bangles are one of the statement accessories of south Indian brides and are an inseparable part of Bunt wedding jewellery.

    The kempina balai, is the name given to the gold bangles made up of beautiful and delicate wrought designs. These bangles showcase the rich culture of south Indians and these are adorned by precious stones that enhance its beauty manifold.

    The muthine balai, is another type of gold bangle which are crafted very beautifully with gold and natural pearls.

    The traditional ungilai, are the wrought and plain finger rings worn by brides in various fingers. These are made in assortment of different traditional designs and intricately crafted with gemstones of various sizes.

    The Dollar Sara, are the alluring temple ornaments which enhance the beauty of necks of women. It is a long gold chain whose splendor is augmented with the use of precious stones including emerald, coral and many other stones, but its most attractive feature is dollar shaped locket.

    The Arm Band, also known as tholu bandhi, is a traditional armlet with a unique shape. It is lined up with precious stones and pearls, and possesses the artistic depictions of flora, fauna and Gods in an intricate nakkashi style.

    The Odyanam or the waistcoat is encrusted with beautiful and precious stones. It is adorned by peacocks, buds, flowers and leaves that intermingle in perfect symmetry but in a riotous profusion.

    The giliola sarai, a beautiful and long gold necklace designed extensively in bird’s design. It is one of the many traditional necklaces that the bride wears on her wedding day.

    The mundalai, is the beautiful piece of jewellery often adorned by an astounding combination of various precious stones is worn on the forehead.

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