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    Karnataka Coorgi Wedding

    Karnataka Coorgi Wedding is one of the richest wedding ceremony of India. In terms of tradition, customs and jewellery, this is one of the most happening wedding culture followed in India. However, jewellery traditions followed in Karnataka is way different from rest of the communities. These are sleek and contemporary in every possible ways. Here’s a brief overview of various wedding jewellery collection used for Karnataka Coorgi Wedding.

    Jewellery Traditions in Karnataka Coorgi Wedding

    The main attraction of the bridal tradition in Karnataka is the embellished head with various jewels. The main head piece worn by the bride is known as Netti Bottu. It comprises of the intricate works of Shiva and Parvathy with Ganapathy and is considered extremely auspicious for wedding. It is meant to stay firm on the head.

    Jadaenagara, another important headgear comprises of Suryamukhi, Chandramukhi and Kutchu. It is made of 3 black strings that hold the piece on the right place.

    Muthina Vole Jhimiki is designed to embellish the dainty ears of the bride.

    The jewellery for her feet is normally made of silver. The design and style is normally common to the Coorg tradition. This piece of jewellery is exclusive in terms of craftsmanship and elegance. Apart from this, there are individual toe rings skillfully attached with chains, ankle chains, each of which is intricately crafted.

    The bride's earrings are comprised of Jhimikis, Muravu and Bogadi, and are made of ruby, gold, and pearls. The Shimoga Addigai is also an important jewelery piece that is quite similar to the Poo Thali of Kerala. It’s intricately designed with floral motifs.

    Apart from these, other jewellery pieces includes Karthamani, Kokke Thathi, Pathak, Kasina Sara, Jomale, Havala Sara, Haralu Kaipilli, Kaipilli. All these are the signature Coorgi Kadagas of the Coorgi community of Karnataka.

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