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    Kannadiga Wedding

    Kannada people are actually the original inhabitants of Karnataka. The wedding traditions followed by these people are quite special and unique. These reflect the aspects of their socio cultural life.In this culture too, like any other culture, jewellery holds a very crucial role to play. It enhances the lavishness of the whole wedding. Malabar Gold and Diamonds have brought up a lovely and alluring collection of gold, diamond as well as platinum jewellery that will definitely raise the wedding standards and make you feel extremely proud.

    jewellery as per Kannadiga Bridal Traditions

    jewellery plays a significant role in the overall attire of a Kannada bride. It definitely has to be incredible as the bride is going to be adorned with it from her head to toe. The jewellery designed by Malabar Gold and Diamonds is apt to suit well a Kannada bride. It will maintain her beauty providing her complete essence of the Kannada culture and traditions. There is wide range of ornaments available for the bride.

    MaangTika available at Malabar Gold and Diamonds are just amazing. These exquisite gold or diamond pieces come with parting of hair along with a Nath.
    Necklace alsoform very important part of a bride’s attire. The designs available at us will surely steal everyone’s hearts away. You can buy it in gold, diamond or platinum as per your need and suitability. Moreover the designs can be checked out on the website too.

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