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    Andhra Nizam wedding – nothing less than a royal affair

    Studying history of India clearly states that the present city of Hyderabad has been ruled by the Nizams for quite a long period of time. The rule started in the medieval times and continued to modern era. In Hyderabad, you will find many references to the Nizams, whether you talk of places of interest, cuisine, castes, and marriage etc. The Nizam culture and tradition came to Hyderabad by holding hands of Qutb Shahi. Everything that is associated to the Nizams is grand and lavish and special mention needs to be made of Andhra Nizam wedding in this regard.

    There are innumerable Andhra Nizam families in Hyderabad still and their weddings are nothing short than festivals that continue for days at a stretch. There is no compromise with grandeur and luxury in these weddings as there are expansive arrangements of all kinds for invited guests as well as family members. Usually the Nizam surname and lineage is hereditary and the royalty keeps on passing from one generation to another and that is clearly seen during the Nizam weddings. There are many rituals that are carried out for the marriage ceremony.

    The Andhra Nizam bride – displaying the best of traditional jewelry on the wedding day

    Taking a look at the Andhra Nizam bride can stun you for she looks dazzling in all her embellishments and traditional jewelry. Ornaments of NIzam wedding are made of the most expensive stones and gems including emeralds, pearls, diamonds, ruby etc. The bride is decked up in jewelry from head to toe. On the head, you can find the maang tika and the jhoomer. These are quite heavy and bold and are mainly made of pearls and other precious stones. The earrings are large and studded with colorful stones and diamonds. The round shape Pearl Nath (the large nose ring) is a favorite accessory for the nose. The neck is adorned with a lovely broad Kundan Choker, which sits tight on the neck. Along with this, there is a seven-layered chain known as Satlada, which has to be worn compulsorily by a Nizam bride. On the fingers of the hand are round, flower-shaped rings (anghoothi). The hands are full of different kinds of well carved and designed bangles. Most of the bangles have diamonds and precious stones and gems studded on them in different shapes and sizes. The Kundan Manek Chura needs a special mention among the bangles as it is the heaviest and prettiest of the bangles.
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