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    Punjabi Sikh Wedding

    Jewellery is the part and parcel of wedding in every community. But, with Punjabi and Sikh Wedding, jewellery holds a crucial significance. In every little rituals of Punjabi wedding, jewellery is associated kith and kin. Moreover, Punjabis’ being experimental in their very couture, they are likely to try and test with every piece of the same. Hence, Malabar Golds and Diamonds brings an wide array of fascinating gold, diamond and platinum jewellery that will sweep you away off your feet.

    Jewellery According to Pubjabi Bridal Traditions

    As mentioned earlier, traditions hold esteemed importance in Punjabi Wedding. Hence, each of our jewellery pieces are designed keeping the traditional trends in mind. Right from the head to the toe of Punjabi bride should be bejeweled according to the tradition. To accommodate this diverse requirements, Malabar Golds and Diamonds brings a range of products.

    Bracelets, which are normally worn in pairs are available with us in a variety of style and design. Each of the wrist is extremely important and hence the jewellery pieces are exquisitely designed to cater to yours needs. We design both both silver (commonly) and gold pieces.

    Kundan ornaments are one of the most significant parts of a Sikh wedding. A bride on her wedding day should wear Kundan ornaments like Manek Chudi, Kundan Bali and last but not the least Kundan Choker. Each of our designs are hand crafted to excellence, with top-notch arrangement of rubies and pearls on kundan. You can check the detailing in design in the website itself. Each of the designs reflect the exclusive taste and expertise of our in-house designers.

    Maang Tika is also our speciality. Each of our pieces comes with a parting of hair and a Nath (nose-ring) will be on her nose. These are especially available in gold and diamond meterial. Our pieces reflect great intricacy and exquisite designs.

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