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    The simple but rich experience of a Marathi Bride and her wedding

    Maharashtra is known for its powerful and great cultural history. It still reflects the cultural heritage that it had in the ancient times. Marathas are the local people in here in this part of the Deccan plateau, who speak in the language of Marathi. Maharashtra is well known to be the mix of two great cultures, that is the Indo- Aryan civilization from the north along with the Dravidians of the south. The mixing of the two cultures has made it more colorful as it can show many traditions from both the cultures.

    Maharashtra is the land of Shivaji. The great warrior is still known to people and even prayed. Mothers often narrate the stories of Shivaji to their small children, providing them the admiration to become like the great emperor. Not only Shivaji there are many other great personalities of the past and present times that has made Maharashtra proud and a place of true dignity. What not the state has? It has the popularity of arts, handicrafts, writers, philosophers and many more. Even the place is known for some of the great movements that took place at the time of the fighting struggle of India.

    Weddings in India have always been a special moment for the families as well as for the society. Whether the wedding is a big fat event or it has a fragrance of simplicity, it is remembered and adored by people for a life time. In the Marathi tradition, weddings take place during the daytime. The wedding is done in a short and simple way that takes place in a single day and ends before the setting of the sun. The main attraction of these marriages is the way the hosts welcome their guests. Marathas are very good at this art of hosting and welcoming guests at their place and this very art is seen in proper way during the marriage ceremonies.

    Marriage jewellery worn by the Marathi bride

    Marathis are fond of jewellery and especially big heavy gold jewelleries. They are fond of wearing these ornaments on any occasions or sometimes in normal daily life also. Marriage being the most important part of Indian tradition thus has a great place for jewellery. Imagine, if Marathis adore themselves with jewellery during yearly festivals, so think how much they wear during their marriage!!

    Among the many ornaments worn by the Marathi bride, Chaplahaar is somethings that is really special. It is a necklace that is long and beautiful looking with great designs. It is said that due to the length of the necklace, it touches the heart of the woman. It is said that the ornament is able to control and evoke feelings and emotions in the lady. It is thus a symbol of love among the Maratha culture. Not only in marriage, can this particular ornament be worn by the bride in many other occasions and festivals also.

    Laxmihaar is again a necklace but of a different look. This necklace has hanging gold coins in it that has the portrait of Goddess Lakshmi engraved into it. It is said that if a bride wears this necklace then she is blessed with the waves of the Sattvik and this brings good spiritual feelings to the bride.

    Another necklace that the bride wears is the Ganthan. This is not worn by the bride prior to the marriage ceremonies. During the Lajahome ceremony, the groom puts this ornament around the neck of the bride. This ornament is a string that has black beads and also a thali. This is a symbol of bond of love, trust, understanding and sacrifice between the couple. This ornament also denotes that a particular woman is married.

    Kolhapuri saaj is a necklace of beads. It has small pendants that are of leaf shape and have carvings on them. In the middle of the necklace is a big pendant of ruby. This ornament is also as important as the other necklaces that are worn by the married woman. The bride also takes this ornament as the Mangalsutra sometimes.

    One more necklace that is worn by the Marathi bride is the Thushi. It is among the most popular ornaments worn by the Marathi bride. This particular necklace is made up of choker. It is highly decorated ornament that is very sharply and closely knitted by the crafts men only who are specialized in it. The necklace consists of beads of small balls of gold of different sizes.

    Kaan Jhumka is something that is worn in the ears by the bride. It is a gold earring that is given the shape of flowers in designing. It is made in such a way that can cover the whole ear of the bride. This is a ornament that is often worn by a Marathi bride in her wedding.

    After the collections of necklaces and earrings, it is the time for the bangles. So, now the Gahu Tode is a special type of gold kadas or bangles that are worn by the bride in her wedding. It is an important ornament that has to be worn by the bride in her wedding.

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