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    Tamil Nadu Chettiar Wedding

    Indian bridal jewellery is exquisite and is well known for its charismatic beauty, but the reason why a bride adorns herself with astoundingly beautiful jewellery goes deeper than the charm for beauty. The tradition of wearing bridal jewellery dates back to about 5000 years and it remains an integral part of Indian lifestyle spanning all cultures and communities. Hence, Malabar Golds and Diamonds offers a variety of bridal collections based on the regions and themes in which different styles and types of bridal jewellery is worn. The name, Malabar Golds and Diamonds which has become synonymous with exceptional quality and craftsmanship brings an exclusive collection of Tamin Nadu Chettiar wedding.

    Jewellery According to Tamil Nadu Chettiar Wedding Traditions

    The jewellery worn by south Indian brides is known for its intricate works on gold inspired from Gods, Goddesses and nature. However, the most unique feature of these beautifully crafted jewellery pieces is the generous studding of precious stones in them. Tamilian jewelries are astoundingly amazing and blend perfectly with the kanjeevaram sarees that south Indian women wear. In fact, the jewellery is an astonishing combination of traditional looks and contemporary style, and thus make perfect statement accessories. Following are some renowned Tamil Nadu Chettiar wedding jewellery pieces:

    The kempu kal mothiram is the name given to the multi-gem studded and traditionally designed finger rings that the bride wears during the wedding. These are intricately designed and represent high degree of workmanship and brilliance.

    The kempu kal valai are the heavy gold bangles that the tamilian bride wears. Made from gold and precious stones, these bangles accentuate the beauty and charisma of the bride in multiple ways.

    The netti chutti is the long single gold chain which has a beautiful locket attached to it on the end. It is worn on the forehead by the bride and is an excellent piece of gold jewellery festooned by beautiful and precious multi-colored stones.

    The mulla muttu maalai is the long gold necklace that bride wears for wedding. These are considered auspicious and also a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. However, the tamilian bride wears two – three necklaces, one of which is known as lakshmi haaram, that possesses the embossments of Goddess Lakshmi.

    The mangal suthra or kalithiru thali is a sort of necklace but is quite distinctive. It is made from a string of small black beads with a small locket in the centre. This locket could be shaped like Vishnu, tulsi or can be a stone-studded masterpiece worn by chettinad women. It is considered to be the protector of their husbands.

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