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    Tamil Gounder Wedding

    Jewelry undoubtedly plays a very vital role in marriages and so does in Tamil Gounder Weddings. This community is known for their well refined marriage customs and traditions. It reflects their luxurious life style too. Jewelry is given a lot of importance in these weddings. There are so many ornaments that the whole body of Tamil Gounder bride is adorned with. Malabar Gold and Diamonds brings for the occasion a wide range of captivating jewelry in gold, diamond and platinum.

    Jewelry According to Tamil Gounder Bridal Traditions

    As we know now, jewelry plays an imperative role in these weddings. So, every article has been prepared by Malabar, keeping in mind the traditional trends of the community. Bride is decorated with lots of ornaments and so, Malabar Gold and Diamonds brings to you breathtaking varieties of all the ornaments that will certainly make the bride look even prettier.

    Thali or Mangala naan is a very special ornament given to the bride by the groom during a Muhuratham. Almost all the people present in the wedding wait to see the design of this piece. The Thali made up of gold, diamond etc. is available in modern as well as unique designs that will steal your heart at one sight.

    Arm jewelry and bangles can also be chosen among a huge variety. These ornaments have been designed according to the traditions of Tamil Gounder Weddings.
    Necklaces of all kinds can be bought from us. Long necklaces, short pieces, heavy or light weighted, all are available at reasonable rates. The designs have been carefully thought of according to the Tamil Gounder Wedding Traditions.

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