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    Rituals of Kannadiga Wedding

    Factually, the rituals and customs followed in the Kannadiga weddings are quite simple yet engaging. The customs basically start from the fixing of alliance itself which is called Nischay Tamulam. Gifts are exchanged between both the families as these are considered auspicious. And Malabar Gold and Diamonds are always ready to present before you the kinds of ornaments at reasonable rates that you can proudly gift to the opposite party.

    The attire is significant part of Kannadiga wedding tradition. Bride is made to wear Navari saree along with green glass bangles and gold jewelry, while the groom has to put on dhoti, pheta along with a turban and angavastram. He also holds a stick sanctified in some holy place. After his ‘aarti’ performed by women from bride’s side, he is taken to the marriage hall.A very interesting and playful ritual is followed then, known as KaashiYatre in which groom pretends to be angry because no one is trying to search for him a suitable bride. He threatens everyone that he would leave his home and then his maternal uncle comes and promises him that he will search his bride for him.

    The wedding rituals then start with Mandap Puja. Jaimala is exchanged between bride and groom while the mantras are being recited by a priest. Parents perform DhareHerdu then which is an act of giving away their daughter to the groom. Then Shaptapadi is performed which involves seven times encircling of wedding spot. Vidaai takes place after that and GrahaParvesh of bride occurs at last.

    Mangalsutra is to be brought by the groom for the bride. This mangalsutra is circulated across the whole spectators to gather elders’ blessings at the time of Shaptapadi. And after, on the Saptafera, it is given to the groom to put in the neck of bride. Malabar Gold and Diamonds comes with a wide variety of Mangalsutras made up of gold or diamonds.

    Hence Kannadiga weddings traditions are quite simple but this does not minimize the grandeur of those weddings. Malabar Gold and Diamonds surely enhances the beauty of these weddings with lovely pieces of jewelry.
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