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    Marwari Wedding

    Marwari weddings are one of their kinds in terms of the rituals, traditions and magnificence. And, jewellery plays a significant role to keep up the vibrance of the day. In fact, a perfect Marwari wedding is incomplete without heavy and gorgeous jewelries, like kundan, meena kari and thewa works. A wonderful combination of all these intricate works simply steals the show.

    Jewellery according to Marwari Bridal Tradition

    Kundan is the part and parcel of the jewellery style in Rajasthan. The name kundan is derived from the skillful works of precious and semi precious gem stones in gold or silver with a lac base at the back of the ornament.

    Meenakaari style is also attracting enough of spotlight in recent times. Being extremely vibrant and splendid, this has made a surefire place in the style of jewellery. Meenakari style is best fitted in a gold or silver piece with stoned precious and semi precious gem. Intricate designs with an amazing range of colours moulded in gold undoubtedly plays its part to grab the gaze.

    Thewa, as a Marwari jewellery tradition is popular not only in India but also across the world. This style has existed for centuries and till date designers are experimenting with its design and style. The age old tradition of designing Thewa jewellery with zari, beads and lac is prevalent even today.

    Needless to say, in a Marwari bridal trousseau, traditions are ceaselessly making their presence in every possible way, but this has in no way compromised on the part of uniqueness and modernism. Among the gorgeous pieces of jewellery used by the Marwaris, mention may be made of the Maang Tika that gracefully adorns the forehead; Nathni, the breathtaking nose ring; Meena Butti and Hath Phool for bringing out the best from mehandi flourished hand. Among the ornaments that deck her neck, mention may be made of the pieces like Bikaner Ko Haar, Kanthla, and the royal Rani Haar. Among the handpieces, the stunning ornaments include the Sone Ko Patalo, Kundan Ko Patalo. And, finally a Kamar Bandh around her waist plays a finishing to the entire bridal embellishment.

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