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    Rituals of Kannadiga Wedding

    Truly speaking, the Tamil Brahmin marriage customs and traditions are quite numerous but still fascinating. Everything starts with Ganapati Pooja and then other Poojas take place like Nandi Devata pooja and Navagraha Pooja. Nischayathartham, i.e. engagement ceremony occurs in which variety of gifts are exchanged between both the boy’s and girl’s families. Malabar Gold and Diamonds have awesome jewelry pieces to suit every moment.

    After this several other rituals like Paalikai, Vratham and Kankana Dharanam are performed. A very interesting ritual called “Kasi Yatra” is performed thereafter in which groom acts as if he is not prepared to get married and then the bride’s father persuades him saying that his daughter will prove as a good companion. After this Maalai Mathal, Oonjal, Mangala Arathi, Vara Pooja, Kanyadaanam and many other rituals take place.

    The attire of brides, like every other wedding, plays an extremely vital role in Tamil Brahmins weddings. Bride has to be draped in a 9-yard saree in “madisar” style. Then to enhance her gorgeousness many a times, heavy neckpieces are worn by them. She uses gold threads to decorate her plait, wears gold made “surya” and “chandra” on her head, “vanki” on her fore arms and so on. Talking about Tamil Brahmin grooms, they are made to remain bare-chested and wear a “panchakatcham” veshti. He also carries an umbrella, a towel filled with dal and rice, etc. with him.

    Mangalsutra holds great significance in these weddings too. This is given to the bride during Kanya Daanam. The design of this article surely needs to be enticing. And Malabar Gold and Diamonds have got them in gold, diamond and platinum. You can choose any according to your choice and requirement.

    One can say that the long-drawn nuptial ceremonies and traditions do not at all mar the charm and splendor of the Tamil Brahmin weddings. When Malabar Gold and Diamonds are there with you, there is definitely no need to worry about anything else. We definitely know your requirements.
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