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    Kerela Christian Wedding

    Weddings in India are considered sacred and to think about celebrating an Indian wedding without a beautiful bride wearing exquisite bridal jewellery is sacrilege. Decking up an Indian bride with ornate and propitious jewellery has been an Indian custom for centuries. India is a diverse country, but few traditions are common in every region and community, one of which is adorning the bride with beautiful jewellery. Bridal jewelry is also considered as the symbol of strength and sanctity of the bond. Hence, Malabar Gold and Diamonds bring traditional bridal jewellery for all Indian brides subsuming Malabar Christian brides.

    Jewellery According to Kerala Christian Wedding Traditions

    The traditional jewellery worn by the Malabar Christian brides is authentic and is a reflection of the heritage of the land. The heavy gold jewellery worn by bride distinguishes her and is considered a sign of prosperity, and this is why this jewellery is valued so much along with other vital elements of matrimony. The bridal jewellery that a Kerala Christian bride wears includes:

    The traditional neckpieces are one of the distinct symbols of south Indian brides including Kerela Christian Brides. These neckpieces are extraordinarily designed with gold and precious stones, and often possess God and Goddess embossments while sometimes they draw inspiration from nature. These neckpieces include kingini maala, kurumulaku maala and Manimuthu maala. Some of these neckpieces even possess a central locket which has been festooned with astounding craftsmanship and precious stones.

    Traditional bangles include halfmoon vala, kurumulaku vala, Thoda vala and rhodium coated bangles. Some of these bangles are designed with traditional cuts and designs, but some of them bear contemporary designing as well. Some of the ornaments that Kerala Christian brides wear are not worn anywhere else in India. Kerala Christian community is also known to experiment with their jewellery and other elements, and adapt the flavors of the world to their tastes.

    Arm Bands gold crafted and stone studded, are also one of the imperative parts of traditional Kerala Christian bridal jewellery. These are carved exquisitely to augment the beauty of the bride.

    The waist bands are gold made heavy belts which also possess a centre piece featuring some abstract images or embossment of goddesses. Mostly, these are encrusted with precious multi colored stones that give the bride a beautiful look.

    Resplendent layered jhumukkis are the gold made bell shaped ear jewel sets festooned by beautiful stones with pearls or some other stones hanging at the lower end.

    The other pieces of jewellery subsume toe rings, chokers and payals.

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