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    Andhra Reddy weddings – a grand affair with lots of rituals

    The Reddy’s of Andhra Pradesh are one of the most advanced and popular castes in the city. History says that though initially Reddy’s were warriors, but they turned to feudal lords and peasant proprietors later. The Reddy dynasty is said to have ruled over central and coastal Andhra Pradesh for more than 100 years. It is needless to say that Andhra Reddys have a very rich culture and tradition. And this is completely reflected in their weddings and other auspicious occasions.

    Andhra Reddy wedding is conventionally known as Teluginti pelli. There are many pre-marriage and post-marriage rituals that are followed religiously in Andhra Reddy weddings. Observing this kind of marriage from close quarters will help you in understanding that this ceremony has spirituality and loads of symbolism. There was a time when an Andhra Reddy marriage was almost a 15-days affair. But now, it has been reduced to a week.

    Jewelry of the bride – an inseparable part of Andhra Reddy wedding

    Heavy gold jewelry is worn by the Andhra Reddy bride on her wedding day. Most of the jewelry comes in studded forms with various kinds of precious stones and gems used for the same. Some of them include sapphire, ruby, and emerald and so on. Diamonds are also integral parts of the jewelry.
    Traditional Andhra jewelry is very popular and some excellent pieces of filigree and lac work are seen on them during the wedding. Some of the most important items that the bride has to wear include a long and thick chain which is multilayered (Pathakala Haaram), nose ring (Mukku Podaka), a necklace that is set close to the neck (Kanta Abushanam), heavily studded and embellished bangles, Vaddanam, Papidi Billa, heavy armbands etc. Even if the Andhra Reddy bride is looking for a modern style wedding, adorning the traditional jewelries are a must for the occasion.
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