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    Rituals of Karnataka Coorg Wedding

    The Kodava wedding is shorter than the other communities in India. It’s a two day gala time, where the Coorgi bride wears a traditional brocade sari in a typical Coorgi style (black pleats, wrapped border on right shoulder) throughout the occasion. The bride is expected to cover her head with a veil throughout.

    One ofthe traditional custom of the Coorgi is to hand down the bridal sari from generation to generation . It is normally considered to bring good luck. A veil covers the bride's head. The groom is danraped in ornamental robe on top of a calf-length under garment. The turban on the groom’s head lends him a majestic look. During the wedding, the groom wears Peeche Kathi, normally an ornamented dagger with anwaist band.

    In Karnataka the post-wedding rituals are vey significant and the women folks play a crucial role during these session. Immediately after the formal wedding ceremony, the first custom that the bride has to follow is called neer eduppu. According to the custom, the bride has to carry water with a “kalash” or pitcher after she could successfully break a coconut with the groom's peeche kathi (ornamented dagger). Throughout the session, the bride has to carry the pitcher (full of water) on her head. She is accompanied by two girls from her in-laws. It is a fun way to welcome the bride in her new household.

    During this phase, the groom's family members interrupt her playfully. They usually dance with the music of volga (traditionally known as music of Kodava music), in front of the bride. The bride with the pitcher of water walks down the kitchen. It signifies that the important task of the new bride is to manage the kitchen, the crucial part of a household. The bride is also expeected to take things in a good stride with the blessings of the sacred river

    The dowry system is completely abandoned in the Coorgi wedding.
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